WarmCore Bi-Fold Doors

What are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-Fold doors essentially do what the name says, they fold up against each other to open the space. The majority of the time customers buy bi-fold doors to open and connect, an outside space to the home. Bi-Fold doors have runners at both the top and the bottom of the door, that allow you to open up the home in a simple way. With the doors both open and closed, bi-folding doors allows light into your home in a natural way, giving it an elegant touch.

Why Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-Folding Doors allow you to maximize your space and add an elegant touch to your home. By installing Bi-Fold doors into your home to only will you be adding a new modern style but also inviting the light in to highlight the warmth of your home. When looking at Bi-Folding doors, many people worry that the large amount of glass will let the cold in, during the winter. However with our WarmCore range, they are designed to let the light in and keep the cold out. Now, this is done with our exceptional double glazing!

Thermal Performance

When the winter approaches we all begin to ponder upon how to keep the house warm in the cold winter… Our WarmCore products have the ability to provide an excellent thermal performance. Not only does the double glazing met requirements, it exceeds them to ensure that you are comfortable!


Our WarmCore Bi-Folding Doors are the perfect way for you to let more light into the home without compromising your security. All of our doors have a high security system, to help put your mind at ease. All of our doors are fitted with glass that is designed with security in mind. All of our products are all fitted with laminated glass meaning that they are shatter proof.

You in Mind

Our doors are designed with modern style in mind, and this is why they have the simple, clean, modern style that we all crave. All of our WarmCore Bi-Folding doors are of a low threshold meaning they have very small discreet internal and external ramps.


All of our ranges of doors and window are available in different colour options. Our doors are available in 4 different colours and our windows are available in two. meaning that we can cater to different property styles.

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