How to Build Your Own Conservatory

Premier is the Choice for DIY Conservatory Self Builders

For anyone embarking on the exciting project of building their own conservatory, we have put together some essential information to help you on your way to completing your DIY Conservatory using one of our conservatory kits (which can be based upon a standard design or completely customised to your own requirements.

Those who are experienced in handling their own building projects will know this is a cost effective way of gaining extra space in your home.

Taking on a DIY conservatory project has a multitude of advantages. You can construct your new room to fit your own timescales, and it is affordable as you won’t need a team of contractors on site. If you use the Durabase method as your foundation, your conservatory could be finished within a few days.

When you place an order through us, we will keep in touch with you, and make sure delivery goes as planned.

All the parts of the self build conservatory kit will be carefully packaged, well-wrapped and labelled. The accompanying instructions will be clear for all your preparations, including fixtures sealing, down pipes, spouts and guttering.

At Premier we follow traditional project management concepts, so you will receive confirmation of your order, detailed plans, the base and then the conservatory itself.

The system is easy to follow and simple to put up, and you will have a gorgeous space, at a fraction of the build cost. It will be your own work that you can show off to friends and family.

The Premier Guide to Building Your Own Conservatory

  • Pick the style you want and the right dimensions, and let us know of any other important requirements.  If you want we can design a custom conservatory built specifically to your requirements.  We can conduct a survey to ensure that the conservatory is designed exactly to your requirements and satisfies any land and building constraints.
  • We can create the designs, plans for the dwarf wall, and base plans which will need your approval.
  • Once these plans are signed off, you will pay for the order and then manufacturing can start. We will call you (within 10-14 days) to arrange the best time to deliver your conservatory kit.
  • Our team of manufacturers will build in fail safes so that the conservatory kit arrives at your home matching your order down to the final bullet point.
  • As mentioned, we would strongly recommend using the Durabase system as it saves time, money, and reduces waste on site.  See how the Durabase approach compares to traditional conservatory bases.
  • The Durabase modular walls are faced with real brick tiles and mortar. Contact us to see the extensive range of finishes that are available, and we can help match to your existing house brick.
  • Once your base is completed, you will be ready to build the rest of your conservatory.

For some priced examples of our conservatories and associated services please see Example Conservatories. You can find further information in our blog article DIY Conservatories.

To find out how Premier Conservatories & Windows can help you build your own conservatory please contact us using one of the following options…

Using the Durabase system you can have your conservatory in four easy steps…

  1. Insert concrete pads: dig out the holes and install the concrete pads.
  2. Install steel base: lay down the steel base then level using adjustable legs and then fix to the house.
  3. Attach walls: attach walls to the base.
  4. Set up conservatory: you are now ready to attach the final section of your conservatory.

For more information please see Conservatory Bases and Conservatory Bases Compared.

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