Guarantees & Workmanship 

Our mission is to give you a better way to buy your conservatory and ensure that it is built to the highest quality. This comes with our comprehensive guarantees, and we are sure we can save you thousands in terms of building costs.

Whatever style of conservatory you are looking for you will want to know that you have chosen a great product from a reputable and reliable company – that’s us.

Our experienced conservatory designer will sit with you, to carefully go through all the options and discuss the advantages of one design over another. They take into account where you live, and your lifestyle. You’ll see a mock-up design of what your new conservatory will look like, before committing to any expenditure.

Conservatory Base

Conservatories built by our team come with qualified guarantees, and we only use materials that we trust and have tested. You will be surprised by how reasonable our costs are, and we know we can provide you with remarkable savings compared with other companies. One of these reasons is the structure of our Durabase conservatory foundations which are incredibly strong and really built to last. Yet this innovative system is quicker than standard methods, and designed to improve installation times, and reduce costs to our clients. Our steel base conservatories are extremely strong, and come with a 25 year guarantee.

Our windows and doors also come with their separate, industry recognised guarantees. The Celsius range, developed by one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, carries the BS EN 1279 standard and is backed by a 10 year warranty against seal failure.

The Rockdoor (30 minute) Fire Doors, which can either be glazed or unglazed, also meet the required certification.

Rockdoor’s inner door leaf features features a door core which is covered by the Q-Mark Fire Door Scheme. And it doesn’t end there; as fire resistant glass is an optimum feature of the Firedog range. Not only does the glass offer sound reduction qualities, but it is tested and approved according to BS 476 (part 22) for integrity and insulation.

Windows and Doors

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