Conservatory Quotation Request

There are a number of options available with all styles of our conservatory kits…

Frame Colour

  • White
  • Rosewood (also available with a white interior finish)
  • Light Oak (also available with a white interior finish)
  • Chartwell Green (also available with a white interior finish)
  • Anthracite Grey (also available with a white interior finish)

There are other colour options available – please call us to ask about them.

Roof Types

  • 25mm Polycarbonate (standard)
  • 35mm Polycarbonate (greater thermal and noise insulation)
  • Clear Glass
  • Celsius Elite Glass (the highest levels of thermal insulation and UV protection)

Side Panel Glass

  • Clear Glass
  • Low E Glass
  • Celsius Clear Glass (the highest level of thermal insulation)

Panel Height

The side panels can have full height glass or can have glass panels on top of a dwarf wall. In the latter case you will need to order a conservatory base with dwarf walls or have your own dwarf walls built.

Steel Base

If required you can order a steel base for your conservatory which will come with dwarf walls if required.

Conservatories are normally delivered with one set of opening double doors.


If requested, we would normally offer our installation service if you are within 50 miles of Newbury but we can be quite flexible on this.

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