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Conservatory Design & Installation

Why do you want a conservatory? This sounds like a straightforward question, but it’s an important one. Do you need the extra space to relax with family, or a space for solitude, like a study or a yoga studio?

The advantage of our conservatories is that they are versatile – easily adaptable to your changing needs, without additional expenditure. Getting it right first time, gives you lots of options for the future. And that’s where quality and advice matters.

We have a combined experience of more than 80 years, in providing double glazing, building conservatories and technical design. It means we are best placed to advise you on the right sort of style for your space and situation.

Our modern and exciting designs keep your new investment in the best shape to serve you over the coming decades.

The right layout for your home and family

There are plenty of ideas you will need to consider, but we are here to help. The site of your new conservatory is important as is the style as you will want to make the most of the sunshine, without suffering from a harsh glare. We have heating and ventilation options so that your new room stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We can tell you everything you need to know about relevant building regulations and gaining the correct planning permissions – and whether or not you need them.

A conservatory style to suit your home

There are many different styles available on the market and we can help you find the one that suits your home. We have options for self-build, or to have a bespoke conservatory delivered to your home ready for us to install within a timeframe that works for you.

We need to make sure the conservatory is the right design, and that it complements the aesthetics of your house, but we can guide you. Design is key, and planning where to put your conservatory doors is important in getting the most from your new floor space.

For example, a Lean To Conservatory can be merged with another style to give you a maximum amount of space to use. It’s a versatile shape and can wrap around corners.

So, with a simple folding room divider, you can create two rooms. A space for your children to play in after school, and another section to work in or write letters and emails.

A Victorian Conservatory looks graceful as well as providing ample square footage. This style is curved at the front and has an octagonal roof. It’s glamorous and provides space and style, perfect for evening and summer entertaining.

We outline these options as examples of how clients have used their new space, and the results have been fantastic.

This is why we are the trusted partner of hundreds of clients who have chosen to work with Premier.

Premier Conservatories & Windows
P Shaped Conservatory

Premier Windows and Doors

When considering the windows and doors for you conservatory, we recommend the Celsius collection for the best in glass protection.

While some conservatories can benefit from a polycarbonate roof, we can provide better options in glass.

The products we use guarantee: a reduction in noise (from rain and outside traffic); and up to 94% reduction in UV rays.


The right heating and ventilation will make your new living space fully welcoming all year round. We have a range of solutions from roof vents (electric and manual) as well as fanlights and openers.

Premier works closely with Celsius Glass and uses their range of glass as the supreme technology gives maximum results. Windows come complete with a blue tint, reducing harmful UV rays. Cleaning windows is no longer a chore, as the special coating enables water to run off the glass, taking the majority of dirt with it. The entire range has tried and tested technology making them the leaders in their field. The clarity of the glass and its special reflective nature means it keeps the room cool in the summer, yet warm in the winter. Light through the glass roof is softened, meaning your new conservatory is more comfortable during the day and into the evening.

Many people believe that underfloor heating is a luxury they cannot afford. But we can make this a practical reality, and the price might surprise you. Our suppliers provide reliable and energy efficient underfloor heating for your conservatory, and other areas of your home. It ensures the room stays at the temperature you need, and removes the need for bulky space-hogging radiators. They are also compatible with renewable energy sources to make your home more green.

Conservatory Glass

Choosing the right base for your conservatory

We have the best knowledge to give advice on modern and secure conservatory bases that are quick to install and last for generations.

Our firm recommends, and uses, the Durabase system. Through this innovative method, the foundations do not need to be dug out in the same way. A steel base can even be built over an existing patio, without needing to remove slabs. This cuts down time, excavation and rubble on site. A new conservatory can be built and finished in fours days.

The choice of base is an important decision, and is one of the elements that can reduce overall costs.

Building Your Own Conservatory

Experienced DIY enthusiasts will relish the chance to create something beautiful and lasting. Building your own conservatory is incredibly satisfying, and might not take as long as you think.

If you use the Durabase method as your foundation, your conservatory could be finished within a few days.  We also have a comparison between Durabase and Traditional Conservatory Bases.

The savings can be huge, as you are not reliant on an external contractor or their timetable. In as little as a week, your conservatory could be ready to use.

We keep in close contact with customers placing an order with us, and we make sure each step of the process, from manufacturing to delivery, goes smoothly.

Our traditional approach to project management means all parts are properly packed and sealed, and the instructions (although detailed) are easy to follow.

All the frames we provide are pre-glazed at the factory. The benefits of fully glazed panels is that the majority of your security concerns are taken care of in one smooth installation. The toughened safety glass meets all industry standards, and makes your home instantly safer.  This makes construction much easier and faster.

For more detailed information see our Premier Guide to Building Your Own Conservatory.

Premier Conservatories & Windows

Mistake-Free Decision Making

Ultimately, we take the stress out of buying and building a conservatory. Think of a current problem in your home, and we sure we can think of a solution.

We can advise on planning permission and building regulations. We also install, or move, cat and dog flaps as a seamless part of the build so your pet won’t be distressed using a different entry way. Heat loss, or sweltering sunshine will be a distant memory, as you can use our conservatories all year round.

Our expertise covers conservatories, conservatory bases, building and construction of conservatories, windows, doors, soffits and facias, and guttering.

If you need more information, call us on 01635 246768, email us at or use our contact form.

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