Your choice of conservatory base will have a huge impact on the cost and quality of your final conservatory. Whatever style of base you choose you will want to be sure that you are building on a solid foundation.

There are two main styles of conservatory bases – traditional and steel.  These are compared below.

If you would like to find out more about the difference between the traditional build foundations and the Steel Bases Conservatory then call one of our designers on 01635 246768 or send us a message from the contact form.

Below we have a side by side comparison of the different aspects of a traditional conservatory base against a steel conservatory base.

Traditional Build Bases Compared to the Durabase Steel Base


Can take weeks.


Takes just two days.



You will need 1 or 2 skips to remove the soil from 600mm deep, 450 – 600mm wide for foundation and also break up and remove any existing patio and clear the top soil ready for the concrete base.

Traditional Base Foundation


Pad foundations 2-3 barrow loads that are usually distributed around the garden so often no skips are required at all. The steel base can be built over any existing patio without the need for removal.

Steel Base Foundation



These may need moving or redirecting with more ground work and a plumber involved. You might not have to redirect the drains, but since underground pipes often run along the back house, you will need to bridge over any pipe work to protect them.

Traditional Base Drains


With our system the base can be built over the pipes, drains and even manholes, as an access panel installed in the floor allows future access.

Steel Base Drains



Dig Foundations, including provision for building reinforced beams over drains. Pour tons of concrete into the strip foundation trench. Expensive ready mix or back breaking hard work! Then a wait until this sets (24-48 hours). Arrange for brick laying team to build up to damp proof course. Wait for this first wall to set (at least 24 hours). You then have to prepare the base with hardcore, tamped down to make a solid surface, then lay a sand layer and membrane followed by insulation, topped with 150mm concrete layer. Again a wait for this to set (at least 24 hours)

Traditional Base Progress


Dig Pad foundations; fill with fast setting concrete. While concrete is setting, start building steel main frame, using bricks to support the steel while concrete sets. After lunch, remove the brick supports and start building the conservatory!

Yes it really can be that quick!

Steel Base Progress



Arrange delivery of bricks, sand and cement to be on site when the builders arrive. Depending on the weather spend days or weeks building the walls, then wait to set before conservatory is built.

Traditional Base Walls


Our walls arrive almost finished and already pointed. All the walls can be built with DIY skills in a matter of hours. This picture shows the base and walls after delivery.

Steel Base Walls



You will also have to add a final screed floor layer. It is recommended that you allow 1 day per millimetre waiting time before any flooring is laid, carpet, wood tiles etc. This can be up to 50 days (50mm of screed is recommended) that’s nearly 2 months waiting and looking at bare concrete floors.. to do it properly!

Traditional Base Floor


Our steel floor system includes 50mm polystyrene under floor insulation and moisture resistant floor boarding, and as soon as it has been laid, it can immediately be followed by the carpet or flooring.

Steel Base Floor

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