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If you are happy  with the above price for a Durabase Steel Conservatory Base then please send us an email, give us a call on 01635 246768 or use our contact form to request a formal quotation and delivery estimation. Please let us know the exact brick style required and any special requirements.

We are the experts on DIY conservatories and bases and will be able to answer your questions and advise you. If you decide to buy a conservatory base from us you know you are in good hands.

Durabase Steel Conservatory Base

How Much Does a Durabase Cost?

Filling in the calculator form on the left will tell you the price of a Durabase System steel base for your conservatory (here are the advantages of a steel base compared with traditional foundations). See the guidelines below to help you fill in the form. The price to you is displayed at the top of the form and will change as you update your entries. Remember that this price does not include the conservatory side panels or roof but we will be adding a calculator for that very soon! In the meantime request a conservatory quotation or see our standard conservatory prices.

Base Style selects the type of brick on the outside walls and skirt. These can be selected from the  Brick Chart below. There is also the option to select a base with plain Pyroc walls and skirt.

Conservatory Width is the width of the conservatory as measured parallel to the adjoining house wall.

Conservatory Projection is the length that the conservatory projects from the adjoining house wall.

Skirt Depth is the depth of the skirt (if required in plain Pyroc or the chosen brick style) that covers the side of the steel base and extends below by 25mm into the surrounding ground. This depth will generally be set in order to ensure the level of the conservatory floor matches the floor level of the adjoining room. 150mm is typical but please contact us if you have any questions.

Drain Access Points are removable covers that allow access to any manholes after the conservatory has been completed.

Profiles are cutaways to go around features on the outside wall of the adjoining house.

Dwarf Wall Height is the height of the dwarf wall underneath the glass panels of the conservatory. If the glass panels are full height then set this to zero.

Door Opening is the total width of the gaps in the dwarf walls for doors to the garden. If there is more than one such opening simply add the widths together.

Additional Wall Height is if you want part of the wall higher than the basic dwarf wall. Simply put in the additional height above the dwarf wall level here.

Additional Wall Length is the length of the additional wall level.

Britannia Brick Covering Range

Britannia Brick Covering Range for Conservatory Base

Classic Brick Covering Range

Classic Brick Covering Range for Conservatory Base

Elite Brick Covering Range

Elite Brick Covering Range for Conservatory Base

Bradstone Brick Covering Range

Bradstone Brick Covering Range for Conservatory Base

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