Orangeries look elegant and sophisticated as well as acting as a natural private adjunct to your home. 

An orangery, in its purest form, is not technically a conservatory. They were originally designed based on Italian templates, and used as luxurious, glass buildings to house exotic orange and lime trees, from warmer climates.

As their popularity changed they became a feature of the wealthy and could be used to show off more ornamental and unusual plants and flowers. One of Queen Victoria’s favourite scents was orange flower water, so it is no wonder that this style is associated with the luxury of the Victorian era.

The main difference between an orangery and a conservatory, is that an orangery does not have to be attached to an existing building. They tend to use more brickwork, and columns of brick or timber to separate the glass panels and windows. The roofs are also glass.

They look elegant and sophisticated as well as acting as a natural private adjunct to your home.

The Benefits of Installing an Orangery on Your Property

  • Gaze at the stars: It isn’t always possible to lay outside on your lawn and gaze up at the stars. With an orangery, you can enjoy the scenic night time in a temperature controlled environment.
  • Make it an office: Many people work from home these days. Your household, however, can pose a number of distractions. You can easily transform your orangery into a home office where you aren’t bothered or disrupted by phones ringing, televisions blaring or other people moving in and around your space.
  • Entertainment area: An orangery is the perfect place for everything from a dinner party or cocktail function to a mid-morning tea party.

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