Investing in a conservatory is one of the best ways to maximise the space in which you live. On top of that, you’ll see an appreciation in the value of your home, if you choose to sell.

By browsing through our comprehensive range of conservatory styles, we can help you find the right choice for your home. Stylish and practical, our ranges cover the traditional Victorian and Edwardian styles, through to space-maximising Lean-to, and P-shaped models.

We are proud to use products of the highest quality, and give professional advice whatever your budget. You will only have to liaise with our company, rather than an army of builders, from the beginning to the end of the project.

Another trend that we can offer is ‘ready to build’. This is a great option to fit your timetable as the conservatory is delivered to your door and you can choose when to build it yourself, or hire in your own professionals at a time to suit you.

The Main Conservatory Styles Are…

  1. The Victorian Conservatory
  2. The Edwardian Conservatory
  3. The Lean To Conservatory
  4. The P-Shaped Conservatory
  5. Custom Design Conservatory
  6. Orangeries

The three design styles, Victorian, Edwardian and Lean To can be combined with another conservatory section to make a ‘P’ shaped conservatory or to wrap around a corner in an ‘L’ shaped design.

All other shapes and styles of conservatories are part of our custom design conservatories. So whatever your requirements we are here to listen and help you to make the best selection for your home and budget.

As well as conservatories we can also supply and install Garden Rooms.  These are built just like conservatories but are not attached to your house.

Whichever style you choose, our designers can develop solutions to fit your home and your changing lifestyle for all the years ahead.

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Note About Our Conservatories

Our traditional range of conservatories all come pre-glazed. We find this helps save time and associated labour costs when it comes to installation – and it also means you get your conservatory more quickly. All the glass is tested to industry standards.

Find out more about our conservatory company and contact us today.

We have a range of standard conservatories in popular styles and sizes. However, we can customise any kit to your own requirements or even design a bespoke style and size to meet your specific needs. Please use our Quotation Request form to specify your needs or just give us a call to discuss what you want.

Find Out More About Types of Conservatory & Orangery

Also, see our range of Garden Rooms which are like free standing conservatories which are detached from the main house.

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