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At Premier Conservatories & Windows, we work in other business areas aside from residential properties. We consult with and support…

We have successfully worked on projects with facility managers at Greenham Business Park, and helped Henwick Properties manage several key properties in their extensive portfolio.

We welcome enquiries from established building companies, corporate firms, and letting agents.

There are many options which we can provide for you, but here is a quick list of some of the ways we can help you, and products we can install at a competitive rate…

  • Glass Units – we can clear and replace misted glass
  • Windows and Doors – from full replacements to fixing doors that stick, we can help
  • Broken Hinges – we have standard and bespoke hinges to fit all doors and windows
  • Keep out cold air – let draughts be a thing of the past and keep energy consumption at its best with properly fitted windows and draught excluders
  • Replacement Handles – our range of handles will keep your windows and doors secure
  • Patio Doors – if you are having problems with patio doors that stick or are difficult to slide, we have can either replace or fix the door on the spot
  • Conservatory Roofs – if your conservatory roof is out of date, and is beginning to leak, we can help solve that and keep everything dry on the inside.
  • Door Locks – our secure range of door locks meet industry requirements and give you peace of mind
  • Letter Box – we have various options to replace old letter boxes and help you collect post safely and securely.
  • Cat Flap Installation – we can install or remove cat flaps.
  • Complete Window and Door Replacement – please see our extensive range to find out more

Premier also offers an Annual Maintenance Programme. When you invest in a Premier annual maintenance contract, we will inspect all windows and doors, carry out a basic service update and report any problems that require additional work. Why use Premier’s annual maintenance option? With a serviced annual windows and doors programme, any problems that come up can be quickly fixed, and that is less expensive in the long run.

We have found, talking to big clients, that a conservatory can be a great addition to a workplace to offer a place for staff to relax. It’s also an inexpensive way to host fantastic gala evenings, and entertain clients out of normal working hours. Our business clients include hotel chains and large venues in the leisure industry.


Letting agents tend to have an extensive portfolio and need the best teams to help keep those properties in a first class condition.

Landlords will often contact us to provide replacement windows and doors for their rental properties. In a competitive market, landlords are often looking for secure ways to help boost the rental value of their properties and offer more for growing families, or couples needing to relocate for work.

Garry Kaxe, owner of Henwick Properties in Thatcham, said…

Our company has a reputation of being the best letting agency in West Berkshire, and we’ve worked hard to maintain this. From last minute jobs, to offering a brilliant solution at a competitive price, Premier Conservatories and Windows are my first choice for replacement windows and doors. I know that if I call anyone there, I get an answer and a quote quickly, and the job is completed to my timescale. As a letting agent I need to know I can rely on companies in my supply chain, as I’m relied on to protect clients’ investments. Premier is the choice for me.

Landlords & Letting Agents


Being based at Greenham Business Park means Premier is ideally positioned to call on facilities managers locally to help give cover and support.

We help facility managers at Greenham Business Park, Calleva Park and Easter Park. We can provide replacement doors, windows and fix broken hinges and locks. Our support covers offices and serviced office, ware-houses and other frequently used industrial spaces.

We understand the pressures that facility managers face. They need to have straggles to help reduce facility costs, whilst making sure their buildings remain energy efficient. Through using our state-of-the-art windows and doors, facility managers can lock out crime and keep heating costs down.

All of the work that Premier provides, goes towards ensuring a business park’s office buildings, factories and other units remain competitive with other companies in the same industry.

Facilities Managers & Estate Managers


We have a successful history in working alongside reputable builders and developers. It is important to remember that we are each experts in our own right. We do not interfere in the building process and we bring to the project our expertise in door hanging, window fitting, and soffits and facias.

You have added peace of mind that we use the toughest products on the market adding to the security protection around your home.

Put simply, you are hiring the right people for the right job.

Builders & Developers


If you run a small business and have to take care of your own premises then Premier can help you. We can take care of any needs for repairs and replacements of windows and doors. We already support a range of small businesses in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

David Harlow of Harlows Accountants in Binfield, Berkshire said…

My colleagues and I would like to express our appreciation of the care and skill that was undertaken by your firm when it recently carried out the maintenance work to our bespoke Georgian windows that were fitted some twenty six years ago. All the work was undertaken without any disturbance to our operations or any inconvenience to our staff.

Windows & Doors for Small Businesses

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