DIY Conservatory Kits

Lean To Conservatory

Full Height Glass

Lean-to 3m x 3m Conservatory With Full Height Glass Panels

 £3,048 including VAT

Edwardian Conservatory

Full Height Glass

Lean To Conservatory Full Glass 3000x3000

 £3,263 including VAT

Victorian Conservatory

Full Height Glass

Victorian 3m x 3m Conservatory With Full Height Glass Panels

 £3,115 including VAT

Lean To Conservatory

Dwarf Wall

Lean-to 3m x 3m Conservatory With Dwarf Walls

£2,760 including VAT

Edwardian Conservatory

Dwarf Wall

Lean To Conservatory Dwarf Wall 3000x3000

 £2,955 including VAT

Victorian Conservatory

Dwarf Wall

Victorian 3m x 3m Conservatory With Dwarf Wall

 £2,821 including VAT

Welcome to Premier Conservatories & Windows

You’re thinking about investing in a conservatory, but you want to know which one to choose, and which company will suit your needs.

We understand you are looking for a high quality investment, and we respect the time and financial commitment you are making. Our designers consult closely with clients, listening to how they want to use extra space, as every lifestyle is different.

Award-winning architects like Renzo Piano (The Shard, London), and Sir Norman Foster (The Gherkin, London) know the importance of linking beauty, craftsmanship, and the right materials to create an impressive landscape.

All Types of Conservatory & Window Designs

Our experienced team understands the symbiotic nature of integrating design with materials, and they will bring you their ideas and commitment. We have styles and solutions to fit your budget, without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

Whatever style or space you are considering, or have available, we can help you make the most of it, and find your match.

While fitting in with the style of your home, your conservatory will look great, yet seem like it has always been there. Our solutions will help in upgrading any security you have in place, so you can relax while knowing your family is protected.

Conservatories Prices

One of the things we are clear about is pricing. There are no hidden extras, or unexpected charges. The price we give is accurate and fair and we provide an itemised quote so you can see exactly where your money is going. It won’t change from day one.

You will have a relaxed, luxurious environment, complete with a seven-star service from the outset.

Call us to make an appointment so we can inspect your site and give you a design and quotation.  Or simply call us for advice and we can answer your questions to help you start planning your new dream environment.

Premier Conservatories & Windows are based in Greenham Business Park which is near Thatcham and Newbury in West Berkshire.


Whether you are looking to design your own conservatory, or choose one from our stylish range, we have options to suit you. Our designers are dedicated specialists who crave new projects. They will create classic looks from expertly drawn lines on a page and then help you bring that to life. Learn more about our conservatories.

Conservatory Bases

We have the best knowledge to give advice on modern and secure conservatory bases that are quick to install and last for generations.

Windows & Doors

Using the latest innovations in modern glass, we have the technology to keep the warmth in as well as keeping drafts and intruders out, value up and costs down. Top range glass panels will cut down noise from outside and reduce 95% of UV rays. So you can relax in the daylight, in safety and in peace, all year round.

Self Build Conservatories Video

See what our customers have said about how easy it was to self build their own conservatory and how pleased they were with the results. You can also see the key steps needed to build a DIY conservatory using one of our kits.

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