Imagine A Beautiful Conservatory, Great Quality and You Save Thousands

Choosing a new conservatory can be a complex and daunting task. There are so many styles to choose from each with lots of different options.

Finding the right company to deal with can also be complicated and time consuming. That’s where we can help.

Our unique 5 stage process that guarantees you a great quality conservatory at a price you can easily afford:

  1. Fast and easy process of gathering your requirements, face to face
  2. We guarantee no hard sale, no pushy salesperson and no over inflated prices
  3. We show you the proven and simple way to have your conservatory that saves you thousands in the process
  4. Our system is designed with absolutely no risk to you – all you get is great advice and the opportunity to have exactly what you want
  5. And finally when you need us to get the process going – we’re there with you every step of the way.
Mission Statement

  • Our global mission is to make a difference to the quality of people’s lives whether they be our customers or to those less fortunate who need help.
  • We will make premium quality windows, doors and conservatories affordable to the majority of people.
  • We will offer honest advice and exceptional customer service.
  • We will always support charities and any community cause needing to fundraise.
  • We will be known for our passion for high standards and integrity.
  • We will always strive to make our customers’ buying experience a great experience.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Premier Lifestyle Conservatories offer you a better way to buy a conservatory that is built to a high quality, comes with a comprehensive guarantee and will save you thousands compared to most installation companies.

Whatever style of conservatory you are looking for you will want to know that you have chosen a very good product, from a reliable and honest company and saved thousands in the process.

Our objective is to help you to make the right decision. Our exceptional personalised service enables you to sit down with an experienced conservatory designer go through all the options that you have been thinking about. The end result is that you can literally see what your conservatory could look like before you make any decisions about your purchase.

Every conservatory that we provide is built to a very high standard with high quality assemblies and components.

And when it comes to cost we simply won’t be beaten. We know of no other company out there that can provide you with the service and quality that we can and offer the exceptional savings that we provide.

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Why Choose Premier LC to help you select the right Conservatory?

The reasons why people choose Premier LC to help advise, design and supply their conservatory are as follows:

You get a Custom Conservatory

Your conservatory will be the exact shape, size and style that you choose. Our designers will work with you to determine the best option for your property and will design the very conservatory that you dreamed of. We will also give you expert advice when : choosing the glass that meets your needs; gaining access to inspection covers in the floor; deciding on the number of opening windows and a myriad of other features that will make a big difference to your final conservatory.

You get great Help and Guidance from Start to Finish

We work with you from your initial idea to the final installation – to ensure that the whole process is aS smooth and trouble free as you would expect it to be.

We Provide Free Advice and Quality Drawings

Often you will need to see what your final conservatory will look like and that is where we really help. Our designers will go through a series of drawings, for free, that will enable you to see what your conservatory will look like when added onto your home. This is an excellent service and makes a real difference when choosing a conservatory.

Pride in Making the right Decision

You will be proud of your conservatory and proud that you chose the right company to help you through the process. Your conservatory will be what you had in mind and using our design process will enable you to be certain that it looks as you expect it to look.

Comprehensive Manufacturers Guarantees *

1. White & Woodgrained profile : 10 year
2. Double glazed sealed units : 10 years
3. Hardware (handles/locks etc): 2 years
4. Coloured Components: 5 years
5. Steel Base and wall System: 15 years

You get Huge Savings

Not only do you get exceptional service with a great quality conservatory – but you also get great savings.

Contact one of our designers today for some great advice on your new conservatory. Call now on 0844 884 5243 or send us a message from our contact form.

Different Conservatory Styles

There are many styles of conservatories and below we have listed a number of those, however, every conservatory that we design and supply is unique to each home. Whatever your requirement, please contact us now and one of our designers will guide you through the process of choosing your new conservatory.

Lean-To or sometimes called a Sunroom. Flat sloping roof, depending on the angle of the slope with or without wedge shaped glazing on the sides.
Victorian. Best described as square or oblong with the corners cut off.
Gable or sometimes called Pavilion. Like the Edwardian, but the front face is upright not sloping.
“P” Shaped. A Lean-To and Victorian together
Corner Victorian. Any shape size, dimensions you want to fit in, around, or on your home.
“T” A Lean-To and Edwardian together. This one is a Lean-To and Gable end.
Edwardian. Square or oblong in shape with usually 25 degree pitch to the roof, giving a feeling of space.
Gullwing: This is similar to a Lean-To but the corners are angled and the roof has a hip at each end.
“L”shaped, could be wrapped around your home, on two sides.Hipped Back – either an Edwardian or Victorian where the roof also slopes back on the house side.

Garden Rooms – We can design, and supply just about any shape and size with a back section so that the conservatory or Garden room can be totally free standing and not attached to your home at all. We often supply them as studios for artists, offices, or just a conservatory facing the sun.

For all enquiries please call : 01635 246768 or send us a message through our contact form.

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